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My Year in Review…Independence Day and the Internet July 4, 2011

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I started blogging about a year ago….June 2010.  Encouraged by friends and family to share my insights on current events and legal ethics,  I have engaged in the luxury of writing about whatever struck me as compelling, ludicrous, noteworthy and/or ironic.  Never knowing who might read my thoughts, I have enjoyed sharing them nonetheless.   The truth is that taking a few moments to pause and consider what one really feels and thinks about an event has value regardless of whether anyone else decides to read about those thoughts and feelings.

So, perhaps there is a hidden value in the quick paced, far-reaching world of technology in which we live. Although there is much bemoaning about information overload and everyone’s access and ability to post status updates, tweet and blog about their opinions, when used thoughtfully, technology may not only inform, but encourage reflection.  

As society and its use of technology evolves, there may be less destructive and outrageous behavior and more understanding if we take time to ponder and share our views.  Never before have we had the ability to learn what so many people are thinking and feeling simultaneously.  Sometimes it is TMI (too much information), but other times it provides great insight, bonding and even democratic revolution.  

We have come a long way from ink wells and messages delivered on horseback.  No telling what might have been accomplished in 1776 on a laptop…..Just a thought about the future as we look back on Independence Day

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