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Bang Bang II— Want a Gun? Go West…No Just Look West July 6, 2010

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An earlier Bang Bang post  reflected upon the Supreme Court’s recent decision that requires state and local governments to recognize an individual’s  2nd Amendment ‘s right to bear arms.   Bang Bang II is posted to  note the fact that anyone wanting  to carry a concealed firearm may be able to get licensed by the state of Utah without so much as ever learning how to shoot the deadly weapon.

That’s right, apparently 32 states recognize a gun license if it is issued by Utah and Utah will accommodate you in your  state—The proverbial “go west young man” is made unnecessary by a gun safety class that is  available for $62.25 in your own state  and does not require any shooting practice.  (To read the entire article from today’s New York Times just click here.)

 ‘Just kind of leaves you wondering… If the Founding Fathers could have imagined the state of Utah, what would they think?


1. Ruth - July 7, 2010

It’s good that Utah was not part of the original thirteen colonies!

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