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Abortion Ultrasound Bill: A Picture Worth Any Number of Words? June 12, 2010

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So, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that a woman has a choice as to whether to have an abortion and now legislators in Florida would like to require a woman to see ,via ultrasound, what it is she is aborting and hear a detailed description from her doctor. Oh, and by the way, this medically unnecessary ultrasound will not be covered by insurance so this woman would have to have the funds to pay for this required tortuous experience.   Of course, there are some exceptions and opt out clauses, but really where is government going with this intrusive premise? 

Charlie Crist vetoed the ultrasound abortion bill.   He is being labeled untrustworthy  by Republicans who are also upset that he left their party.  In fact, one representative, has been quoted as saying that Crist has not only lost his party affiliation, but his moral compass as well.  Query: where is the morality in a law that taunts a woman who has made a legal choice and then further financially penalizes her?

The issue seems to be at what point does  the incorporation of one’s personal morality into legislation cross the privacy line and become punitive rather than protective? Law should reflect a society’s values, but not everyone’s values prevail in a democracy ruled by the majority and a system of checks and balances.  There is certainly much valid debate over the ethics and morality of  abortion; however, regardless an individual’s personal view, abortion is legal in our country.   Crist’s veto serves to limit government’s intrusion into a highly personal matter and thereby prevents government from passing  judgment, in a callous manner,  on a woman’s private moral choice.


1. Jeff - June 12, 2010

Florida legislators were on the right track. We need to educate young people about abortions, but it should be done BEFORE they are sexually active let alone pregnant. Making abortions easy to access only promotes risky behavior among young people. Nobody, regardless of political affiliation, wants to see a lot of abortions taking place. On second thought, I may even support a mandatory ultrasound on all women coming in for their second abortions within a short period of time.

As for Crist, he probably made the veto based on how it would affect his poll numbers in his upcoming senatorial election.

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