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Elena Kagan: “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” June 10, 2010

Posted by legalethicsemporium in Law, Ethics & Society.

Now that the “lesbian fervor” has subsided, Elena Kagan is being described as having a “narrow” life. After all, she has not married, does not have children and many of her friends intersect with her professionally.  Really, with all that she has accomplished while being involved in some of the most global issues of our times, would everyone feel more comfortable if we learned that she loves to knit and crochet?  Please, may we consider her credentials for the job without regard to gender?  Certainly, we are  not generally concerned with whether a man has sufficient hobbies when we consider whether he should be an arbiter of constitutional issues, so let’s study Elena Kagan’s credentials to determine whether she is an appropriate PERSON to serve on the Supreme Court.


1. Ruth - June 12, 2010

The Elena Kagan issue makes me want to start a campaign to make sure that all parents of really bright girls not ever permit them to play sports. Who knows what damage a photo may cause later in their daughter’s lives?

2. Jeff - June 12, 2010

She’s gonna be judging us till she dies. I think the public deserves to know everything about her. Every Supreme Court nominee gets attacked for BS. Roberts was accused of promoting terrorist groups and tactics simply because he made one judgement that was construed as pro-life.

3. John - June 13, 2010

A refreshing notion that we be judged by the content of our character and merit, not the color of our skin, gender or sexual orientation for that matter. Gee, I think that’s exactly what Dr. King espoused. Our society or perhaps groups of zealots within it have a long way to go towards true hunmanistic enlightenment.

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